The Perfect Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine for a Glow That Will Wow!

In every wedding film we’ve seen, the bride is shown glowing instantly, dramatically, and with a snap of the finger on D-Day. She would be stressed about the wedding and cold-footed, but still look stunning on the actual wedding and reception day (which is technically the last ritual, and the bride should have been exhausted by then). These are movies, not real life. For the flawless skin you see in movies, it takes months of preparation, care, and a healthy diet plan. We’ve spoken with celebrity dermatologist Dr Jaishree Shard to create a bridal skincare regimen that won’t cause any unexpected breakouts or dullness.

According to Dr Jaishree skincare is more of a lifestyle than a cosmetic procedure, and it takes a minimum of a few months to achieve flawless skin. She says that a year will be enough to achieve flawless skin and get you ready for your wedding. However, for brides who are getting married in the first half of next year, she has a shorter, simpler plan. This six-month plan includes a list with dos and donts.

T- 6 Months

Dr Sharad says that now is the perfect time to begin creating rituals for better skin health. You should know all about your skin as a bride. This includes the type, texture and concerns such as acne, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, or wide pores. This is the best time to treat and target these concerns. Consult a dermatologist at this time as some treatments can take a long time to show results.

Every morning, you should use a moisturizer, cleanser and sunscreen. You can add an essence, serum or moisturizer that targets your specific concern before applying your moisturiser. Choose the correct moisturiser, sunscreen and other products based on your skin type as well as the climate. Remove your makeup before bed, no matter how tired you may be. Apply a serum under the eyes and then a moisturising serum or gel to your face. Start deep body treatments. You can relax at home by using moisturisers or body oils after your showers.

T-5 Months

Dr Sharad Consult your dermatologist if you’ve not already. Discover your skin type, and any skin issues you may have so that you can know what products to buy and which to avoid. The dermatologist will be able to advise you if you have sensitive or reactive skin.

This month, spend time finding out what products you like and trying them as soon as possible. That way you’ll have plenty of buffer time if any of them doesn’t work for you. Take note of your eating habits. Avoid foods that have a high glycemic-index, such as potatoes, as well as fried and greasy foods like pizza and burgers. Avoid dairy products as they can trigger acne or disrupt your oil-control. Yoghurt and paneer can be avoided, but sugary cereals or milk can cause acne.

T-4 Months

Dr Sharad : You’ve been treating your skin regularly for more than a month. Allow your body to adjust and become accustomed to your new routine, which includes your diet changes. Add more water and healthy fruits (such as watermelon or papaya) to your diet to ensure good health.

It is the perfect time to try and test out different techniques for hair removal. Lasers are also a good option, since it only takes a few treatments before you see results. Consider relaxation, mindfulness and other mental wellness techniques to help manage wedding planning stress.

T-3 Months

Dr Sharad : This is the last month of your trial. To avoid mishaps, try not to add anything new to your daily routine after this time. It is the ideal time to do a full makeup trial. Think of this as a dress rehearsal for your wedding. This will help you to determine which products are best for your skin tone and type.

You should also start a few rituals to brighten your skin. Start adding vitamin C into your daily routine if you haven’t already. You can also opt for clinical treatments such as chemical peels or laser toning, or even skin booster injections. All of these treatments are safe and help to make your skin look radiant and even. With regular consultations, these treatments can show results in about three months.

T-2 Months

Dr Jaishree : The celebrations have begun. Your calendar will be full of parties and celebrations with family and friends. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and tired. You can detox your body when you’re not partying. Try green juices, fruits and vegetables with bright colors that are rich in antioxidants and yoga. Never experiment with your skincare and always use sunscreen. Sleeping masks and under eye rollers can help reduce puffiness, whether under the eyes or on your face. If you want to go for a minimal look, use your tried-and-tested bridal makeup.

T-1 Month or a Few Days to the Wedding

Dr Jaishree : The wedding day is nearing, and I cannot stress enough that you should not be stressed. Be sure to get enough sleep. Try taking power naps in the day if you don’t get your recommended 8-10 hours at night. It is important to eat healthy and not skip meals. Take the stairs, walk regularly, or dance if you are already practicing for your sangeet. Eat a lot more fruits to keep you nourished and full even during the busiest times.

You cannot forget to use sunscreen if you are using actives or have had any treatment. It is important to take care of your nails. Plan a pedicure or manicure, and apply a clear coat of polish to prevent staining when performing pre-wedding rituals such as mehendi and haldi. Stress is at its highest a few days prior to the wedding. Let go of what you cannot control and enjoy the wedding that you have worked so hard to organize!

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