Raised your hand if you have ever used hair color to reinvent yourself. You can choose to add a lot of color or just a few streaks to your hair. The new colors will give you a fresh look.

If you want to make a statement and show off your newfound confidence, then there is no better way than to give a fresh lease of life to your crowning glory. Hair highlights are perfect for those who want to test the waters but don’t feel ready to commit.

What Are Hair Highlights

Hair highlights are sections of hair that have been dyed darker or lighter to enhance the appearance of hair. The brightness of the hair is changed. Strategic placements of highlights will also improve your complexion, and can draw attention to certain facial features.

Hair Highlights For Women

You can get some hair inspiration from these best hair highlights ideas and book your next appointment with your stylist.

1. Blue Hair Highlights

Blue, the most sassy of all colors, is a cool wash that’s subtle. Aqua blue, which is a little lighter along the lengths but dominant at the ends, creates the perfect contrast between masculine and feminine. You can also choose from navy, royal, or sky blue if aqua isn’t your thing. Did you also know that blue is a color associated with stability and security? If you want to be stable, then giving your hair a little blue will help.

2. Blonde Highlights

What’s all the fuss about? Blonde highlights can brighten up your skin, especially when they are brushed by the sun. The best way to achieve a dazzling contrast with blonde streaks is by adding darker highlights throughout. You could call it a natural face illuminater.

3. Honey Blonde Highlights

Are you nervous about going blonde? What about subtle shades of honey on your hair? Honey blonde is a great shade that hits the perfect balance between dark and vibrant. This shade is a great way to experiment with blondes without committing. This shade won’t wash out fair-skinned women. Yay.

4. Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy allows you to be bold, without overdoing the vibrancy. This is the perfect shade if you’re looking for just the right intensity and shade. We would describe burgundy in terms of edgy and calm. It shimmers with the slightest hint light, so you can be sure to liven up your social media timeline without going overboard.

5. Green Hair Highlights

Green highlights are a bold choice that is perfect for a woman who doesn’t mind being herself. Go for a vibrant splash of green if this is you. For best results, if you have really dark hair we recommend pre-lightening it before coloring with green shades.

6. Ombre Highlights

Ombre hair colors create a dramatic contrast between dark natural hair near the roots, and lighter hair at the tips. You can change the color of your hair as it grows. Simply trim off the colored ends. If you want to give your ends a new start, then this two-toned style is for you.

7. Pink Highlights

You can finally spice up your boring tresses. The pink shade is a welcome change from the darker shades which are largely dependent on the light. It will give your hair a new dimension while still keeping it looking pretty. The pink accents will also give your hair a smoother finish, which will entice admirers to stare shamelessly at your mane. P.S. Hair flipping in the sunlight is not a bad thing.

8. Grey Highlights

Anyone? Choose dark roots that fade into frosty grey shades to brighten up your complexion. The soothing grey is the perfect balance between subtlety and savage. Grey is a great way to break stereotypes and achieve a sophisticated look. Are you ready to take the plunge?

9. Copper Highlights

Copper is a color that’s very popular and common, but it doesn’t mean it’s boring. Cooper highlights create an amazing visual, especially for those who don’t want to go for the bold or edgy look. What’s the best part? This color will last longer.

10. Balayage Highlights

The Balayage technique includes a multi-tonal finishing with a smooth transition between dark and light on the lengths your hair. The natural color of the hair is blended seamlessly with the highlights. The seamless transition is more natural than ombre. You can use a variety of colors, or one color that will work with you to your best advantage.

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